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The Top Rated Prime-Time TV Shows are Animated


Seth MacFarlane – Creator of Family Guy and American Dad taking his ratings all the way to the bank.

4 out of the top 10-rated shows were animation <– That’s what I wrote last Monday.  This week is no different, except the top-rated show on a Sunday prime-time slot is Family Guy – which in case you don’t know, its an animated comedy for adults.

Is this all a big Coincidence? Or do people actually like funny animated shows? Well, numbers don’t lie. Hopefully other networks, especially Spanish-language, get hip to this trend that has been trending for years.  Just ask The Simpsons – they’ve been on the air for 25 years and still killing on the ratings!

Maybe they think it’s just a phase, just like hip hop and rap music…

(See ratings below…)

Preliminary National Ratings
Show (Network) Rating(18-49) / Share Viewers(Millions)

  1.  Family Guy (Fox) 2.5/7 4.9
  2.  The Amazing Race (CBS) 2.3/6 9.1
  3.  Once Upon a Time (ABC) 2.0/5 7.0
  4.  The Simpsons (Fox) 2.0/6 4.5
  5.  American Dad (Fox) 1.9/5 4.0
  6.  Bob’s Burgers (Fox) 1.7/5 3.5
  7.  Revenge (ABC) 1.7/4 5.9
  8.  60 Minutes (CBS) 1.5/5 11.6
  9.  America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC) 1.5/5 6.4
  10.  The Mentalist (CBS) 1.5/4 8.7

Data provided by Nielsen


4 of the Top 10 TV Shows are Animation

According to Nielsen, last night 40% of the Top 10 TV programs were animated shows… Any questions?



Preliminary National Ratings
Show (Network) Rating(18-49) / Share Viewers(Millions)

  1.  The Amazing Race (CBS) 2.4/7 9.1
  2.  Once Upon a Time (ABC) 2.1/6 7.3
  3.  60 Minutes (CBS) 1.9/6 11.6
  4.  Family Guy (r) (Fox) 1.8/5 4.1
  5.  American Dad (Fox) 1.8/5 3.9
  6.  The Simpsons (r) (Fox) 1.6/5 3.7
  7.  Bob’s Burgers (Fox) 1.7/5 3.7
  8.  The Mentalist (CBS) 1.6/4 8.9
  9.  The Good Wife (CBS) 1.5/4 8.9
  10.  Hallmark Hall of Fame: Remember Sunday (ABC) 1.4/4 6.5

Data provided by Nielsen

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One of the First Pioneering White MCs – Bart Simpson

bart simpson rappingA lot of people forget that The Simpsons had an album out called The Simpsons Sing the Blues, and Bart Simpson had a hit called Deep, Deep, Trouble – which was written by Matt Groening and DJ Jazzy Jeff in the 90’s. The song, along with an animated music video, was released as a single from the album in 1991. Bart Simpsons made it to the charts in several countries around the world, including the top ten in Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Bart Simpson opened a lot of doors for White Rappers.