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HOW TO PITCH A TV SHOW – Part 3 – How to Get a Meeting

Once you have your idea ready to go, it’s time to set up a meeting, but oh-oh, how do you get this done? There are a few traditional ways of getting this done, but don’t be afraid to try your own creative methods of setting up a meeting. Your goal should be to have the opportunity to successfully pitch your idea.

Beyond coming up with the idea, the second most creative thing you will probably have to face when pitching an idea to a TV network is in how you get a meeting. Getting a meeting is an artwork of its own, and you must chose what works for you. There is no right or wrong way to get a meeting, as long as you get to successfully pitch an idea. So here are some tips, but be creative and think beyond what other people have done. Maybe what works for you hasn’t been done yet!

1) Get an Agent, Manager or Attorney – There are many articles online on how to get one of these key people who will (or should) be able to set a meeting for you. Find out how to get one, and get one if you can. This probably will be your easiest way in the door.

2) Contact the Networks Directly – This method is quite tricky and difficult. You don’t want to ruin your chance of a meeting if you seem unaware of what are the guidelines to set up a meeting with the network. You just can’t call up and ask to speak with the programming executive (who’s usually the person who will evaluate your idea) and expect him or her to say, sure come in this afternoon. Yet, to contradict myself, this has happened before, but it is very rare. First, you probably won’t get them on the phone. You most likely will get an assistant of some sort. TREAT THE ASSISTANT WELL! They hold the power of connecting you to the person that you need.

3) Attend Networking Events – This method is a bit difficult as well, but a lot safer, since you’ll hopefully be in a business environment where meeting solicitations are common.

4) Stalk The Network Executive – I suggest you DON’T go this route.


Break Out of Your Morning Routine with a Productivity Change-up

Sometimes we fall into routines that do more bad than good – meaning we hit a productivity plateau.  Once you can predict how productive you’ll be during the day, then it’s time to change your routine.  You should always strive to grow, and any routine could get in the way of that growth.

Here are some ways to break out of your routine.

Wake up Earlier/Later – Waking up earlier not only gives you extra time to be productive, but it will also change your routine a bit. Maybe it’s the opposite and you should sleep a few more minutes just to throw your routine for a loop.  This latter one is of course for people who already have an early routine.

Take a Shower or Don’t – I’m not suggesting you walk around dirty all day, but altering your morning shower routine will alter your routine in general.  If you usually take a shower when waking up, then postpone it to later in the day, and if you don’t shower, then make it the first thing you do. These changes don’t have to be permanent, just long enough to have an impact on your routine.

Read the News or Don’t – Maybe you wake up and want to find out what happened around the world while you slept (this includes Facebook and social media in general). If you usually log into your computer or turn the TV on or pick up the newspaper (if anyone still does that) then do something different. Start your day instead by cleaning your space, or by cooking breakfast.

Don’t Check Email – Resist the temptation to check your email every two seconds, especially when you first wake up. Instead focus on other things you may need to get done.  Checking email leads you to sometimes being derailed from whatever task is at hand.

Go for a Walk – Going for a walk when you first wake up could give you a boost of energy. Even if it’s cold, grab a sweater and go for a stroll around the block. You’ll be surprised how much clearer your mind will be when you get back.

Read About Successful People’s Routines – Read about people you admire and mimic their routines. Do what they do for a few days and see what happens in your own life.

Basically you just need to find ways to alter your current routine. This will help you combat procrastination and will keep you focused on the important things, and not the things where you find comfort.  Get out of your own routine comfort zone. You can start right this second by doing something unpredictable.  You get this done by doing the opposite of what you have planned to do.  Give yourself permission to break your routine. You’ll be okay.
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How to Get Motivated to Get Motivated

Right now, at this very moment, I’m looking for motivation to get motivated. I know how to get motivated, I just don’t want to do it. So part of the search for that motivation is writing these words, to see if I find the motivation to get motivated.

The first part of finding the motivation to get motivated is to take some sort of action. Obviously it can’t be too complex since that’s when you get the actual motivation. So the action has to be small enough where you don’t feel like if you’re doing anything strenuous.

For me:

1) Writing a few words does the trick sometimes, other times reading something (anything) helps me get a little fire going.

2) Playing upbeat music works wonders. Especially if it’s a song you really, really like.

3) Breathing hard also works: The breathing you can do laying down so it’s probably the easiest. First start holding your breath for 20 seconds then release it as hard as you can. Repeat this 4 or 5 times. That might do the trick in motivating you to look for motivation.

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Control a Woman’s Emotion and Her Mind and Body Will Follow

If you want to have any kind of control when it comes to a woman, the key lies within understanding and managing her emotions. Emotions for any being, male or female, are a complex set of feelings that can be triggered by numerous factors. Some require internal or external management or both.

If you make a woman happy or excited then you’re managing her positive emotions. If you make her angry or nervous, you’re managing her negative emotions. Both ways have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the control process. Getting stuck managing only one set of emotions will lose effectiveness at some point, so you must purposely inflict emotional changes.

So how do you inflict emotional changes? Well, you must do the research on each individual woman. Each one is unique and different and will have a different set of reactions to each emotional trigger. Get to know her childhood. Find out what were the good times, also find out what were the bad times. Find out when she has laughed the most and when she’s cried the most in her life. Take her on an emotional journey through her recollections, remembering key elements that you can later use in her emotional management.

For example, if she’s afraid of clowns, get her near a clown or a toy clown. Sounds counter-productive but in reality you’re triggering an emotional swing. These swings will be big time conductors of adrenaline, which is a key chemical ingredient in emotional management. Adrenaline equals the feeling of excitement.

There are many triggers that you could use. Just make sure you use the ones that work for you and perfect your technique. Only patience and practice will lead you to controlling a woman’s emotions effectively.

How to Deal with Women’s Feelings and Emotions

For us men, it’s easy to forget that women are different than us.  We think that they think like we think.  We’re wrong!  Women have a different perspective, a different point of view and definitively a different way to measure satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness.

Men are simple and to the point, while women are complex and careful.  So how do you deal with the fragility of their state of being? Simple: Don’t take things personal.

Women will say and do things based on how they feel.  So what happens when those emotions they feel change (as all emotions do)? Well, whatever they said or did based on their previous emotional state is now irrelevant. So you have to forget all of it.

If you take things personal, being flexible is hard to do.  So all the drama comes from men not being able to adjust to a woman’s emotional swings.  You have to be able to let go of whatever happened five minutes ago and not look back, and not take it personal.  Most of the time women just want to “communicate” and “talk” about their feelings.  So men take this personal and start looking for ways to resolve whatever emotional issues are at hand.  That’s the mistake.  They’re not looking for a solution! They just want to express their feelings! They don’t want their feelings “resolved”. They’re not looking for a hero to save them from their emotions!  They just want you to listen to what those feelings are, then they will pass, and they’ll get new feelings they will tell you about.

So what’s the solution?  Just listen.  Don’t take action unless she directly tells you that’s what she wants.  Most of the time just listening is the key to getting along with women.  So in short, to deal with a woman’s feelings and emotions you have to listen, don’t take unwarranted actions and never take things personal.  Do this and she’ll feel like you care.


Don’t Give Her Too Much Too Soon

As men, we tend to work on results and not the process. This means that we do whatever it takes to get things done. Women, however, are a bit different. They’re process-driven. They pay attention to the details on the way to a destination.

If you want to keep a woman’s interest, giving her all you’ve got the moment you meet her will only push her away (if she doesn’t call the cops first).

What’s the key? Pace yourself!

You can show a woman what a great guy you are when the time is right. Do it slowly. Make it interesting for her. Keep her discovering new great things about you. Surprise her with new things that make her want you more and more, slowly.

Sending her flowers a day after you meet her is not only corny, but must women will see it as a desperate attempt in your part to get some sort of attention. She knows you don’t really know who she is since you barely met. She’ll see right through you. DON’T DO IT!

Instead, give her space. If you had a great time, let her think about if for a few days and let her want it again. If you start being too pushy or aggressive, she will see that you have nothing better to do with your life than to send her 20 texts per second.

Desperate guys are the type that will fall in love with every girl they meet, hoping that “they’re the one”.

A confident, SMART guy, will move slowly. Like a big jungle cat analyzing his prey. A SMART guy will entice her, will make her come to him. A woman wants to feel like she’s worth your attention, but a guy has to make her earn that attention. If you give her free attention, then your attention has no value. It’s free, which equals zero.

Some tips:

Don’t call her more than once – if she doesn’t return your call, then forget her.

Don’t leave messages – She’ll see the missed call. If she’s interested she’ll call you back.

If she calls back – don’t answer on the first ring.

Don’t text her questions – You can text one time “Hope you have a great day” or something that doesn’t require an answer. That way if she doesn’t reply you don’t feel like an idiot.

Don’t text her more than once – She’ll get your text. If interested, she’ll reply.

Don’t reply to a text right away – This is a no-no, just like answering on the first ring. Wait a few hours. The more you like her, the longer you should wait.

If on the phone, end the conversation first – End the conversation when it’s at its best. Leave her hanging on a good note. She’ll want more.

Don’t ask her out – Rather, tell her that you’ll be “somewhere” and that if she’s interested she should stop by. That way if she’s not interested you technically didn’t get rejected.

Get busy – Find something else to do so that you’re not thinking about this girl. Go to the gym and work on your sixpack, or go watch a game somewhere, hangout with your friends, or better yet, find another girl to keep your mind occupied and start the process all over with the new one.

Remember the key is to pace yourself! Don’t be a needy, pushy, attention-starved kind of guy. If she’s interested she won’t go anywhere. Time is on your side. Be disciplined and you’ll win every time.