I remember those things we used to call books…

The Leaves On The Tree

How life has changed. It used to be so different. Does anyone else remember their shelves groaning under the weight of all those books?

For a writer it’s incredibly easy now. Want to research some obscure topic? Just go to Google and start searching.

But take a moment and – unless you were born any later than say 1990 – remember how it used to be.

Once, I felt quite insecure without my reference books around me. They gave me security. I’m proud of having a fairly wide vocabulary (words are wonderful and I never really understood that time a friend took the mickey out of me for using the word ‘fractious’ in a pub conversation).

But even with all the verbiage that sometimes trips off my tongue there are still occasions when I can’t think of the right word – or the correct spelling.

It never used to be…

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