Great tips about blogging…


After writing a blog post, do you experience a vulnerable, scary, and exciting rush just before clicking the “Publish” button? Followed by crazy anticipation of how the post will fare in the blogosphere: Will it be liked? Will it have an impact? Will it illicit a response? Will it bless someone?

I’m a newbie to blogging. To date, I’ve published 32 blog posts. Some have been received well, others not so much. In any event, I’ve learned a lot during my short stint with blogging.

  1. To like or not to like. Having a post “liked” is great. It means folks resonated with your message. But not having “likes” or comments, doesn’t necessarily mean the post was unsuccessful. Some of the pieces I was most proud of didn’t receive immediate recognition; however, with time, they made it to my “Top Posts & Pages” list. The moral of the story: Don’t get…

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