Sarah Palin loses $20K in Market but still wants to Manage US Global Economy

SEDONA, Arizona (CNN) — Sarah Palin during a radio interview said that her family has lost $20,000 in the financial market due to the Wall Street distress.  Sarah is getting major criticism from liberals and conservatives alike, and her experience shows that she cannot manage a simple 401k retirement plan.

Is this the person that could possibly be managing our world economy?  Do we really want a reckless maverick as a possible president?  Hopefully most Americans are brighter than Sarah Palin and make the right choice this November.

Read the full CNN story here.


One comment

  1. jscourtney

    Totally unfair comment about Sarah Palin. Most Americans have their 401K’s invested in stocks and bonds. They are holding onto the losses – why sell and lock them in? The losses are on paper. If you are invested, you have to ride it out.

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